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Some interesting gift ideas can be found on this page and we hope to expand on these in the future.

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BioGreen Plant Jackets

(XXL currently out of stock)

Heavy duty Fleece Jackets

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Protect your plants from severe winter weather by simply pulling the specially designed jacket over your plant for partial protection. Ideal for semi hardy palms, cordylines, and brugmansias in mild areas during extra cold nights. The jackets are made of a heavy material giving significantly more frost protection than normal Fleece.

  • Protects your plant from frost & wind

  • Drawstring ends for tying round base or container

  • Extra strong material 70g/sqm

JempVent Window Openers

Automatic Jempvent automatic Window Opener

19.95  JH1102

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The Jempvent automatic Window Opener. You should not be without these in your greenhouse as protection from overheating in strong sunlight and to increase ventilation whenever possible. (Please Note not suitable for heavy wooden window frames).

Seed Sowing Containers

300 ml Clear Containers Qty 8

2.95  JH2499

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Based on many years of experience you normally only need small seed containers for initial germination in a propagator. For growing plants in larger quantities of course normal half or full size seed trays are ideal but for smaller quantities try using these clear polypropylene containers.

  • A normal full size 38cm seed tray will house 8 of these containers maximising your heated space.

  • They have the advantage of being able to see any initial roots through the clear sides and base.

  • They can be removed individually as soon as plants are too large, ready for pricking out.

  • Each container can be easily turned around if the seedlings are bending one way towards the light.

  • The low height is sufficient for initial root development but maximises growing height within a propagator lid.

  • Size 108mm L x 82mm W x 50mm H

  • Microwaveable so easily cleaned in very hot water

  • Recyclable polypropylene material but useful for repeated use if cleaned thoroughly.

  • Stackable so easily stored away when not in use

  • NOTE these are supplied WITHOUT drainage holes - please drill 4 off 5mm to 10mm holes in the base or using a sharp pointed knife pierce and twist 4 holes in the base for drainage.